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3D nipple & Areola Tattooing

we are a non-profit with a passion for helping humans feel whole again through expert 3d-nipple tattoo artistry after breast cancer reconstruction surgery.


Nipple reconstruction through tattooing

3D nipple tattooing is a non-surgical alternative to nipple reconstruction. This highly specialized procedure, which takes approximately 90 minutes to 2 hours, restores the nipple and areola to a natural looking color and shape. Through its use of shading and pigmentation, it gives the illusion of protrusion.

Nipple and areola’s are recreated with cosmetic tattoo pigment, using traditional fine art techniques including color theory, and light and shadow. The resulting tattoos appear realistic and can fool the brain and eye into thinking it is an actual dimensional nipple.

Need help paying for your nipple tattoo after surgery? Breastoration Ink can help.


If you have lost a nipple or areola as a result of breast cancer surgery or prophylactic mastectomy, this option may be right for you. 

We work with the best artists who specialize in cosmetic nipple & areola tattooing

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Our goals:

Restoring dignity 

raising awareness

Addressing health disparity


Whether you need support or are New to this concept & would like to learn more, we are here for you.

Breastoration ink was founded in 2018 by a breast cancer survivor.

After recovery, our founder, Fern Orenstein, wanted to give back by helping other survivors feel more empowered during their own cancer journey. While working at a local hospital, Fern received a grant for a nipple tattoo pilot project. A project evaluation revealed that the emotional response and positive impacts of the tattooing on body image and self-esteem were quite powerful. 

Tattooing is available at any stage of survivorship, but it is often out-of-reach for low income individuals. Today, we receive both donations and grants which are allocated towards 3D nipple and areola tattooing for individuals with a financial need. Funds are also used to help educate medical and other supporting industries about the value of 3D nipple tattooing. It is our goal to empower many more survivors through this artistic non-surgical option. We are grateful to be of service.